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Welcome to the next round of Business Lincolnshire podcasts! In this series we delve into the world of social media.

Published on: 03/07/2023

Join Guy Lewis and Caroline Wilson from Hot Toddi in this exciting podcast series where they demystify social media marketing. Gain valuable insights, practical tips, and expert advice on objective setting, planning, posting, and engagement.  

Get ready to elevate your social media game and maximise your online presence.  

Remember, it's not just about broadcasting; it's about building meaningful connections through conversation. 

Episode 1: Setting Objectives  

In our first episode, Caroline Wilson, a social media expert, takes us through the process of setting objectives for your social media activities. Discover how to chart a course for your social media campaigns and stay focused on your goals.  

Caroline also discusses the importance of understanding algorithms and shares valuable tips on how to set clear objectives to drive your social media activity forward. 

Episode 2: Planning  

Episode 2 offers an insightful conversation on planning your social media activities. Caroline Wilson reveals her secret tactic of planning in 4-month chunks. Learn how to effectively use a diary or calendar to organise your content for an extended period.  

Caroline highlights the significance of capturing national events, public holidays, expos, and other occasions to structure your content. Don't forget to schedule dedicated time for your social media activity and embrace the mantra of "Plan, do, and review." 

Episode 3: Posting  

In this episode, Caroline Wilson provides valuable advice on posting your social media content.  Discover what to post and when to post, and uncover the secret formula behind timing your posts for optimal engagement. Caroline emphasises the importance of creating content that either educates, entertains, or does both.  

Gain insights into the delicate balance between staying on message and being disruptive to captivate your audience. 

Episode 4: Engagement  

The last episode in the series offers an engaging discussion on interacting with your audience through social media. Caroline Wilson explores the concept of engagement, encompassing both posting and responding to others' posts. Discover the ideal balance between planning and posting content and spending time engaging with others.  

In this podcast, Caroline emphasises that engagement is about fostering conversations and highlights the significance of dedicating 50% of your time to engagement. 

How to tune in 

Business Lincolnshire Podcasts are available on Podbean and can be streamed from anywhere, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. Tune in every Tuesday for the next 4 weeks! 


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