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10x10 Business Accelerator

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What is the Business Support?

10×10 is a unique Business Accelerator Programme, designed and developed by Greenborough Management Ltd.  The Programme provides an incredible opportunity for businesses with growth potential, at any stage of their development, to benefit from intensive professional and personal support over 10 workshops.

10×10’s foundations are a blend of a good understanding of adult-centred learning; excellence in content and delivery; planned peer-to-peer interaction; and targeted, and bespoke, support.

The programme is built around business development, training and support, with access to mentors providing expert advice across the workshops, in addition to one-to-one support – a new and exciting opportunity for growth businesses!

The 10-week programme kicks off with a thorough diagnostic and assessment of cohort individuals and business, which helps us bring a level of customisation to the programme. Throughout the programme, participants are expected to engage in weekly place-based workshops, each facilitated by a top class educator and mentor.

At the end of the programme, cohort participants are invited to engage in a showcase where each is invited to demonstrate their business / product / service, and to pitch to a panel of selected prospective investors in a final Showcase

What could it do for your company?

This programme could support growth, provide clear direction and help refine options for your business.

Who runs it?

10x10 Business Services Limited

How to find out more?

To find out more please email

Contact information:

10x10 Business Services Limited

Michelle Davis

01522 837269

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