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Barclays Eagle Labs Industry Bridge

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What is the Business Support?

Barclays Eagle Labs have launched their new Industry Bridge programmes bringing together corporates and startups from:

How it works

The Industry Bridge programmes are designed to bring together larger businesses with startups through a series of ten modules, delivered once a month over a ten-month period  to share core strategic thinking and best practices to help transform the wider industry.

The programme is delivered by business and industry experts and looks at how larger businesses can adopt the agile culture, innovation and practices of startups and for startups to hear about the innovation challenges that larger businesses in the industry face so that they can work together to create relevant solutions.

Barclays Eagle Labs have a strong track record of delivering Industry Bridge programmes to enable some of the UK's largest corporates to share their experiences and connect with and learn from their peers and industry newcomers.

How to find out more?

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