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What is the Business Support?

The Fit for Business series focuses on upskilling current business owners and those who are thinking about starting their own company.

Sessions will span everything from the name of your business, legal structures, how to create a business plan, and much more. Guy Lewis, co-director at the CDI Alliance and the podcast’s host, is passionate about helping SMEs become more profitable by using technology. The bi-weekly series will feature a different guest each week, specialising in a particular subject area.

Guy says, “With the podcast, we want people to be able to absorb the knowledge and information we’re featuring in a way and at a time that suits them. We want it to get them to a position where they feel they need more than this, and from there we’d encourage them to reach out to us, to go to a masterclass, or ask questions of the advisors pertinent to their particular businesses.”

Guy went on to say, ‘We want to help businesses get the information they want, and get them to their next stage, whatever that may look like.’


How to find out more?

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