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What is the Business Support?

Design holds the powerful potential to deliver positive change.

By providing insights into alternative points of view and externalising and interrogating assumptions, design can bring clarity of thinking to even the most complex of problems.

The Design Innovation Network has a mission: to see a measurable and marked improvement in innovation outcomes (economic, societal and environmental) as a consequence of integrating good design throughout the innovation process. Join the Design Innovation Network by clicking here.

With a primary focus on our extensive cross-sector network of innovators and building on our strong connections with the design community, the overarching objective of the Design Innovation Network is to be intentional and focused on helping more businesses to embrace good design practice early on.

Incorporating design in innovation has a myriad of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Design activity helps manage risk in the innovation process and improves the confidence to invest further.
  • Design helps ensure that effort is being invested in addressing the right problem and that that problem is well understood.
  • Design helps make assumptions and biases explicit so they can be discussed objectively. It is the glue for good collaboration.
  • Design provides tools to help communicate ideas and concepts in a way that enables collaboration, reflection, integration and analysis, leading to better insights, more robust innovations and less ambiguity and misunderstanding.
  • Design can help innovators evaluate and develop their strategy beyond the technical development of the product resulting in outcomes that are desirable, feasible and viable.

Who is in the Design Innovation Network?

Led by KTN, the Design Innovation network is a community of innovation-active businesses, designers, design thought leaders and policymakers. We have a collective mission: to improve outcomes through better integration of design throughout the innovation process.

We are in the early stages of forming this community. We will:

  • be comprised of approximately 75% innovative business; 25% designers
  • proactively include diverse thoughts, perspectives and ideas
  • have a business-led advisory board composed of people passionate about the potential of design in delivering powerful and impactful innovation and positive change.

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