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What is the Business Support?

Reviewed and updated 23/11/23

The hub is for directors of micro, small and medium-sized limited companies, although it will also be useful to others.

Directors of limited companies, unlike sole traders, must comply with certain statutory obligations.

These can range from hairdressers and builders with their own companies to directors of mid-sized companies in the IT sector, for example.

What will the hub offer?

The hub will offer written and video guidance and information, all in one place, to support you to steer your company along the path to success and avoid potential pitfalls along the way.

Use the hub to help you recognise:

  • What your duties and responsibilities as a director are
  • early warning signs of financial distress
  • when you need to take early intervention action and how you can do this
  • the consequences of mismanagement
  • how limited company debts can become personal debts
  • when limited company debts can become personal debts

The hub solves common problems that directors encounter when trying to find important information to help keep their business on the road to success.

How will the hub work?

When you first access the hub, you will see a choice of different, clickable themes that make up the lifecycle of a typical limited company incorporation / start-up to closure and/or insolvency

Each theme contains sub-topics so that you can find the particular issue you need to explore. Here, you’ll find key information to help you make the right decisions, along with links to more detailed guidance.

You can also watch short, animated videos exploring common scenarios that you or your company might be facing, to help you understand how you can move your company forward or avoid potential problems.

Click here for help and guidance resources.

Who runs it?

The Insolvency Service

How to find out more?

To find out more click here

Contact information:

Directors Information Hub

The Insolvency Service