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Fit For Nuclear (F4N)

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What is the Business Support?

Fit For Nuclear (F4N) is a supplier development programme from the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC), part of the national High Value Manufacturing Catapult. It is a national scheme designed for manufacturing SMEs wanting to compete for work in the civil nuclear sector. The process typically take 12–18 months, during which time the business is supported by an industrial advisor and nuclear specialist.


F4N is designed for established manufacturing SMEs with 10 or more employees or with a turnover of £1.6 million and upwards. Support is also available for smaller businesses working in nuclear.

What could it do for your company?

The scheme helps businesses get ready to bid for work in the civil nuclear supply chain by measuring their operations against the standards required to supply the nuclear industry – in new build, operations and decommissioning – and taking the necessary steps to close any gaps.

Who runs it?

Developed by the Nuclear AMRC with the support of its nuclear industry partners.

How to find out more?

Click HERE to visit the website.

Contact information:

+44 (0)114 222 9900

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