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What is the Business Support?

Reviewed 09/10/23

  • R&D Projects - Contracted projects with method development in new application areas
  • Service Projects - Projects transferring existing methods and know-how to analyse new or existing products 
  • R&D Investigations - Projects requiring multi-stage investigations and creation of dedicated methodologies
  • Brokered Projects - Linking businesses to other Universities or industry partners for R&D or service projects
  • Conferences & Events - Arranging and facilitating targeted conferences, seminars, special interest groups and networking events
  • Training - Delivering CPD for scientists and engineers or bespoke short courses for specific subjects or technologies
  • Funding Applications - Seeking support and facilitating co-applications for innovation grants for major collaborative projects
  • Kickstarter Funding - Collaborative projects supported by start-up funding, such as innovation vouchers.

One-to-One Diagnostic Consultation

For all businesses, there will be an initial consultative review, to discuss and identify where The Bridge can use their expertise to offer support, targeted research or training for your organisation to grow. 

Project conceptualised & defined

With your help, experts will develop, define and document a concerted research project, including details of the personnel involved, instrumentation to be accessed, timescales and deliverables.

Project management & delivery

Academics & doctorally-qualified scientists and engineers will work on your research projects to generate the highest quality data and results, all overseen by professional, dedicated management and liaison staff at The Bridge.

Reporting, closure or redefine

At the end of the project, The Bridge will produce a professional and comprehensive report of the results, hold a final dissemination meeting and redefine goals for future research, if relevant.

What could it do for your company?

The Bridge will help your business develop, overcoming your barriers in innovation and resources. They will deliver high quality research in order to increase competitiveness.

Who runs it?

The Bridge, part of the University of Lincoln

How to find out more?

To find out more please click here.

Contact information:

The Bridge


4 Edgewest Road, Lincoln Lincolnshire LN6 7EL

01522 835 258

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