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What is the Business Support?

Radiocentre have developed a programme for small to medium sized organisations to help them understand how radio might be able to help them grow their businesses.
The aim of the programme is to provide easy access to Radiocentre’s research resources in a practical and easy-to-digest format.

The programme uses Edapp, a mobile-first micro learning platform, and includes three courses:

  • Why radio? consists of three modules, looking at radio in the context of both long and short term brand building as well as the importance of advertising during uncertain times
  • Radio for targeting consists of two modules: how radio can help reach the right people in the right place and then radio’s unique ability to speak to people in relevant moments with relevant messages
  • Using radio with other media looks at how radio can make a difference to existing outdoor, newspaper or social media campaigns for local businesses

Each course includes 2 or 3 modules with each module containing three 5-6 minute lessons. The whole programme takes about 2 ½ hours…or you can “pick and mix” the modules which are right for you. It’s designed to be easy to access “on the go” via mobile, but can also be accessed on desktop to suite individual preferences.


How to find out more?

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