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Resource Efficiency Overview

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Our Resource Efficiency Programme aims to help businesses to reduce their use of resources and become more efficient. Reducing costs is one of the best ways of increasing your profitability. Our resource efficiency experts will audit your business and work with you to identify the specific actions that you can take to drive your costs down, helping you become more resilient to price rises. They can also work with you to help achieve environmental standards that can be important in winning work from larger businesses. Along with adviser support, your business can also benefit from a range of workshops to help you go green. Check out our events calendar to see what is currently available. 

Resource efficiency goes hand in hand with cost reduction and savings. By reducing costs you are releasing money tied into business running costs that could be used to invest in business growth, whether that is new machinery, staff or updated marketing. Through the Resource Efficiency Programme, we can work with you to identify where opportunities exist to make cost reductions. Additionally, you may already know what you want to improve or are interested in renewable technology. Our team is on hand to guide you through the process and identify areas to make improvements, new technologies to consider and routes to funding to support your projects.

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