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Intellectual property

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Changes in laws and regulations post-transition period may have an impact on your intellectual property and lawful rights in cross-border agreements.

Things you will need to consider when checking your intellectual property rights include: 

  • Copyright
  • Designs
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Exhaustion of IP rights
  • Legislation
  • Supplementary protection of certificate law

Help is available to ensure your business is ready:

  • Consider carefully where to disclose your designs to ensure they have adequate protection in their most important market;
  • If you export IP-protected goods on the secondary or parallel market, contact the rights holder in the EEA to see if you have permission to continue to parallel export.
  • Consider if you want exports to continue if you are a business that owns the IP rights for goods currently parallel exported from the UK to the EEA.

For guidance on these topics, click here.

For a specific question or issue, it is recommended that you seek the support of an intellectual property specialist.