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Supercharge your Instagram

A webinar for anyone with experience using Instagram and would like to see bigger & better results from their time and money through the app

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Suitable for anyone with experience using Instagram to some degree, either personally or professionally, and would like to see bigger and better results from their time and money through the app. This session is not recommended for complete beginners, but rather people who are confident using social media and the tools, from a moderate to intermediate level.

Course content

  • Instagram culture – tribes, community and influencers
  • Video and visual content tools on Instagram – content to the next level
  • What makes a successful Instagram presence?
  • Supercharge and innovate your strategy
  • Futureproofing – predictions of digital marketing and visual content for 2021
  • Discussion and questions with Jenni


Delivered by Jenni Harrison of Eskimo Soup

Jenni Harrison is a media director, online content producer and community building specialist with over eight years of experience working in the creative industries, including in events, media and tech. She has led on award-winning marketing campaigns and media projects, as well as facilitating training for hundreds of professionals to the highest standard across the Humber region. Jenni comes highly recommended as a go-to expert in her field for consultation on innovative digital marketing strategies and content creation for businesses and professionals across varying industries.


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Online Event

01/03/2021 11:00 - 12:00

Category: Digital

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E-Factor Business

01472 252780