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Organisational Change – Time to Change, Evolve and Adapt - FREE Workshop

A FREE full-day workshop organised by Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce on how to cope with change and improve your adaptability.

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A FREE full-day workshop organised by Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce on how to cope with change and improve your adaptability, presented by Chris Watson of Endor Learn and Develop.

While it’s widely accepted that change is the only constant, individual responses to change are rarely straightforward. Very few training programmes deal exclusively, with what is now acknowledged to be the biggest single driver of any change initiative’s success – the people.

Dealing with change is a very personal experience and one which can be uncomfortable, stressful and even worrying at times.

But the good news is, there are a number of practical steps you can take to make coping with constant change easier.
This programme concentrates on the impact of change at a human level: what is it like going through change in the workplace, how it feels during periods of uncertainty and the potential effect on productivity levels.

It focuses how to anticipate likely responses to change, deal with variations in perception of the change and how to cope effectively with ambiguity and build resilience during times of flux.

By building personal adaptability, the programme provides tested tools and techniques to flourish and sustain high performance under challenging and changing situations.

We cover the inevitable and unforeseen responses to change and share a variety of methods to help both you and your colleagues fully embrace change.


By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Assess the human impact of change on yourself and others.
  • Identify ways to overcome any obstacles or resistance to change.
  • Demonstrate the behaviours most associated with productive change orientation.
  • Develop methods to harness enthusiasm and build commitment.
  • Deal confidently with ambiguity and the unknown during times of adaptation.
  • Introduce practical measures to support others during the change cycle.
  • Practice proven techniques to communicate key messages effectively.
  • Discover why willpower alone will never be enough to achieve your goals.
  • Refocus your energy and attention to gain greater control of the demands placed on you.
  • Practice a simple method to manage your emotions, reduce anxiety levels and increase personal resilience.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances and embrace new ideas and approaches


A FREE workshop funded by ERDF Collaboration 4 Growth (C4G project) in collaboration with Lincoln BIG.
This is a FREE workshop for all businesses, however priority will be given to those businesses in the eligible Collaboration 4 Growth areas of West Lindsey, City of Lincoln and North Kesteven.
Only businesses who are both operating and registered within Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey are eligible to receive up to 12 hours of business support at no cost thanks to the project funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Event information:

Commerce House, Lincoln

30/06/2022 09:00 - 16:00

Category: People