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WEBINAR: Greening Global Trade - Future proofing your supply chains

60 minute import/export focused webinar with Q&A discussing options around greening international trade and making supply chains sustainable.

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Sustainability and climate change are set to flip international trade on its head; completely transforming trade liberalisation and the globalisation landscape over the coming years; companies are not prepared for this but need to be.

There are almost 6 million SMEs in the UK, and approx. 213 million globally, with most OECD countries reporting that they contribute anywhere between 50% and 70% of GDP. These companies have the ‘collective power’ to drive real and measurable change in our society and environment, whilst still achieving commercial growth.

Adopting sustainability as a pillar of business growth can lead to innovation and competitive advantage for SMEs as well as the ‘feel good’ factor that they are contributing to a more sustainable and prosperous world for all. But the truth is, as small cogs in large supply chains, SMEs will sooner or later be forced to follow stringent sustainability requirements like reporting on labour practices, reducing carbon emissions, reducing use of harmful materials, etc. or quickly be left behind.

We have also witnessed in recent years the emergence of the socially conscious consumer and client who actually care about issues like human rights and eliminating slavery; and who would rather pay a premium for a product that protects nature than a lower price for one that contributes to its destruction. All of these factors and more impact SMEs, but ever move so, SMEs trading globally, be that importing or exporting.

Sustainability and net zero will completely transform the way we trade with overseas markets and the regulatory nature of trade agreements and internal tariff structures. Join Andrea Collins of Global Trade Department for this short, 60-minute webinar where she will be exploring this subject in detail and how traders can optimally prepare and get ahead of the game.

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01/06/2023 12:00 - 13:00

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Empowering SMEs in International Trade programme