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WEBINAR: Global Trade Masterclass – Agri-food

60 minute import/export focused webinar with Q&A specifically targeted at helping companies in the Agri-food sector excel in global trade

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The UK agricultural sector has struggled enormously since Brexit. An unstable Pound has increased the cost of imports and the loss of EU workers has led to a 40% shortage in labour. But quite apart from these issues, the sector faces yet more challenges linked to post-Brexit funding, negative effects of climate change, troubling succession plans and encouraging new entrants, increased demand for higher-quality foods, and the impact of COVID.

Then perhaps overwhelmingly, the sector faces demands and challenges in finding new ways to produce food that reduces emissions and pollution and contributes to feeding a growing population. Globally it is expected that 60% more food will be needed by 2050 to feed the increasing population, and this food will need to be resilient and sustainable, produced more efficiently, and able to minimise waste and improve soil.

Following Brexit, the UK government has negotiated several free trade and continuity agreements with countries across the world; the latter essentially being extensions of EU agreements in place that the UK was party to, agreed so as to minimise disruption to trade post UK exit. Agri-food exporters need to understand the implications of these agreements i.e. what actions they must take in order to ship product and comply with local regulation.

Join Andrea Collins of Global Trade Department to explore some of the UK’s current preferential trade deals and what they mean for companies in the UK agri-food sector. She will also be exploring the anticipated impact sustainable farming initiatives are likely to have on the sector and how companies can optimally prepare at this stage.

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07/09/2023 12:00 - 13:00

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Empowering SMEs in International Trade programme