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Lincolnshire's Going Global Conference

To inform, educate and inspire Lincolnshire and Rutland based businesses to consider the opportunities available in trading overseas as well as looking at exploring and expanding into new markets.

Event Information

Are you eager to expand your horizons and explore international markets?

Whether you're embarking on your exporting journey, expanding into new markets, or delving into imports from international suppliers, our Going Global Conference is tailored to guide you on your international business ventures.

Event Overview

Embark on a journey of growth and international success at our conference tailored for businesses keen on trading overseas. This event is designed to empower local businesses by providing invaluable insights into the world of global commerce. 

Key themes revolve around empowering local businesses to thrive in the global marketplace. We'll dive deep into essential topics such as investment strategies, exploring the intricacies of import/export processes, demystifying customs clearance procedures, gaining insights into market-specific dynamics, and mastering effective overseas recruitment and HR practices. 

Additionally, we'll emphasise the critical role of accurate translation in fostering international connections. Through expert-led discussions, real-life case studies, and interactive sessions, attendees will gain invaluable knowledge and actionable strategies to navigate these themes successfully. 

Whether you're a seasoned exporter or just starting your international journey, these themes are crafted to equip you with the tools and insights needed to excel in the ever-expanding global business landscape.

Event Host

James Pinchbeck, Partner Streets Chartered Accountants

James Pinchbeck is a Partner at Streets Chartered Accountants, overseeing strategic marketing development and growth initiatives. He leads various specialised sectors within the firm, including Streets Law and Streets Media, and manages the firm's international association, SBC Global Alliance, providing crucial services to UK businesses worldwide.

Beyond his professional achievements, James has a strong community presence. He previously chaired the Enterprise Agency NBV and served on the Lincoln College Board of Corporation. In 2020, his contributions to education were recognised when he received the IoD Non-Executive Director of the Year award for the Midlands. With a background in Business Studies, he founded a successful enterprise focusing on specialty English food and drink marketing, showcasing his entrepreneurial acumen.

Keynote Speakers

Phil Budden, Senior Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Phil is a Senior Lecturer at MIT's Management School, specialising in innovation for corporate and government executives. In his role within Sloan's TIES (Tech Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy) Group, he demystifies innovation as a spectrum, ranging from incremental 'little i' innovation to transformational 'big I' Innovation. With a focus on helping larger enterprises capture the agility of start-ups, Phil combines academic, historical, and real-world perspectives. He teaches about innovation ecosystems, emphasising the roles of Entrepreneurs, Universities, 'Risk Capital' providers, Corporate enterprises, and Government policymakers in fostering successful regional innovation.

With a background as a diplomat and international corporate banker, Phil brings a unique perspective to his teaching. He holds degrees from Lincoln College, the University of Oxford, and Cornell University, including a PhD (DPhil) in History and International Political Economy from the University of Oxford. Phil's expertise lies in bridging the gap between traditional business structures and the dynamic world of innovation, helping executives navigate the complexities of fostering creativity and agility within larger organisations.

Richard Bartlett, Director, Export Unlocked

Richard has worked in logistics for 26 years running his own forwarding business until 2016, from their joining the Institute of Export & International trade as a consultant delivering Brexit , Rules of origin , Incoterms , Exporting , Importing Workshops & Trade Advisors and Skillnet Ireland advising NI and Ireland delivering many workshops.
An enthusiast for all things to do with World trade , Richard understands the many aspects of both Importing and Exporting, using his vast experience, he is now working closely with Lincolnshire, Cambridge, Essex and Halton Chamber of Commerce delivering over a 120 International Trade workshops.

Richard also delivers Customs training for Logistics company. Manufacturing in the UK and Internationally.  Richard has worked Worldwide delivering different Workshops in International Trade at the WTO Geneve, Qatar development bank in Doha, and delivered in EU , Canada, Nigeria, US.  He also has a regular slot on GB News channel on all things on Supply Chain.

Matt Gilmartin, Managing Director, Concept Smoke Screen Ltd

With nearly two decades of experience, Matt's innovative strategies transformed Concept Smoke Screen Ltd from a UK-focused business to a global powerhouse. Matt recognised new market opportunities during challenging times and successfully expanded the company's reach to Latin American markets, earning four international innovation awards along the way.  

Paul Schaffer, Managing Director, Plum Products Limited

Paul's journey from qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young to leading Plum Play, the leaders in active outdoor play, is nothing short of remarkable. Under his leadership, Plum Play achieved recognition on the Sunday Times SME Export Track top 100 and won the Queens Awards for International Trade in 2022.

Sandra Murphy, Founder & CEO, Equidiet (UK) Ltd

Sandra's company is revolutionising the equine industry with 100% natural, whole food fibre nutrition, providing instant hydration solutions for horses globally. Established in 2014, Equidiet now exports to over 18 countries, with 30% of revenue coming from international sales.

Iwona Lebiedowicz, Founding Director, PAB Group

With over fifteen years of experience in leadership positions, Iwona is an expert in international communication, cross-cultural coaching, and crisis management. Hear from her about Unlocking global success: the power of translation and localisation in business growth. Uncover the transformative power of translation and localisation in boosting business visibility and impact. 

Naetha Uren RCPF CEO, Recovery Coach Academy

Naetha Uren is the dedicated Chief Executive Officer of the Recovery Coach Academy, a dynamic organization headquartered in Lincolnshire, UK; that specializes in training and supporting individuals and organizations committed to making a positive impact on those affected by alcohol and substance use disorders.

At the heart of the Recovery Coach Academy's mission is the belief that "transformed people transform people." This small yet powerful organization has provided essential training in 14 countries. However, their primary focus remains on offering support and building communities in the UK, where they passionately contribute to the transformational journey of individuals and communities impacted by addiction. 


Networking Opportunities 

Maximise your conference experience by connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, industry experts, and potential partners during our networking sessions. Enjoy complimentary breakfast and lunch, both included in your registration, while engaging in meaningful conversations. These interactions provide a unique platform to share insights, collaborate on projects, and establish long-lasting professional relationships that can shape the future of your business endeavours.

Post-Event Tour

Extend your learning journey beyond the conference sessions with our exclusive guided tour of the International Bomber Command Centre at 13:30. Immerse yourself in the rich historical significance of this site as expert guides take you through its exhibits and stories. 

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International Bomber Command Centre

27/11/2023 08:00 - 14:00

Category: Exporting

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