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FSB Business Bootcamp: Branding Brilliance

Elevate your business at the FSB Bootcamp Branding Brilliance event. Join on April 25th for insights, networking, and growth!

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Join this event on Thursday, April 25th, 2024, at the stunning Peak Edge Hotel in Chesterfield for a transformative one-day FSB Bootcamp in partnership with The Department of Business and Trade (DBT). Amidst the serene and scenic surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle, you'll immerse yourself in a day designed to equip small businesses with the insights they need to achieve 'Branding Brilliance' and drive their success.

This event is all about empowering you to unlock your business's full potential. With a focus on revitalising your brand and captivating your audience, the five remarkable speakers are ready to share actionable strategies that will set you apart in the market. Engage with fellow entrepreneurs and connect with exhibitors showcasing tailored programmes, products, and services aimed at boosting your business growth.

They understand the value of reflection, which is why they've crafted an event that provides both insightful learning and ample time to digest and apply the knowledge gained. This is your chance to refine your branding strategies, enhance your business's trajectory, and experience the serenity that comes from being in an environment designed to foster both headspace and wellbeing. Mark your calendar for a day of discovery and growth, from 8.45am to 3.00pm, and secure your spot for the 'Branding Brilliance' journey. Your business deserves this investment in its future. Reserve your spot today!


  • A free-to-attend Bootcamp. This is your chance to hear from inspirational speakers to help you develop and grow your business.
  • Complimentary sandwich lunch
  • Browse the exhibitor stands (if you would like to be an exhibitor, please book here)

Join at one part of the event or all of it.

Bootcamp: Arrive at 8.45am (for 9.30am start) - 3pm

Free-to-attend. The Bootcamp is your chance to hear from inspirational speakers to help you develop and grow your business. This includes a break, with complimentary drinks, and a light lunch.


Dawn Edwards, managing director of Challenge Consulting - Effective leadership and strategic management insights can be directly linked to the creation of branding brilliance, as they guide a company in cultivating a strong organisational culture, fostering innovation, and aligning brand values with customer expectations.

Eldon Chinyamakobvu, an artificial intelligence expert - Incorporating AI into branding strategies requires careful planning and integration, but when done right, it can lead to more consistent, data-driven, and customer-centric branding efforts, ultimately contributing to branding brilliance and long-term success.

Jonny Prest, Strategy Director at Seed, explores how understanding and empathising with audiences can create campaigns and content that have a better chance of motivating positive behaviour change. To get to Net Zero we need creativity. Brands must be hyper-connected and deliver stories that are more thoughtful and constructive. Conversations about climate change and environmental wellbeing are often unnecessarily polarised and clouded by conflicting information and confusing stories.

Greg Simpson, founder of Press For Attention - Public relations insights serve as the strategic foundation upon which branding brilliance is built, shaping a brand's image, reputation, and connection with its audience. Learn how to think like a Journalist and become a media asset, not a marketing liability. 

Car parking : Complimentary car parking is available at the venue. There is overflow car parking available at the Red Lion Resturant.

They look forward to seeing you there!

This event is hosted in partnership with Department for Business and Trade (DBT) and in partnership with Zoho.

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Event information:

Peak Edge Hotel, Darley Road, Chesterfield
S45 0LW

25/04/2024 08:45 - 15:00

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