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LORIC SED - An Introduction to Research and Gaining Business Insights

Unlock business growth through research at our interactive workshop for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Learn methods, data sources, and survey design.

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Interested in using research within your busoness to help it to grow and develop?

This interactive face-to-face workshop will help you to:

  • Undertand different types and methods for doing research to support your business
  • Explore sources of information and useful data
  • Create your own database of companies that are of interest to you
  • Understand good survey design and how this can be effective in getting answers to your business related questions
  • Think about how your business could engage in funded research activities with universities.

This event is provided for SMEs and entrepreneurs in the Boston, East Lindsey and South Holland districts of Lincolnshire as part of the LORIC South East Districts Project.

The LORIC South East Districts Project is part funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.