Bitesize Lincs: Identifying and Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Business Growth Webinar

Are you a small business owner that is looking to avoid the pitfalls of running a business? Or maybe you’re looking to develop & grow your business but just can’t seem to get things moving as planned?

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In this webinar we will examine the reasons businesses become stuck and why they fail to develop and grow. Not only do all businesses face similar challenges, they also tend to fall into the same traps, not surprisingly then knowing what these are and when they will happen, is predictable.


Mike Epton, of The Centre for Management & Business Development Limited (CMBD), will deliver this session where he will help you learn to identify your current and future business issues and understand why some problems are a natural and desirable part of growing your business and why other problems are the complete opposite. Mike will also help you to identify the best course of action and the role a business coach can have in helping you realise your aspirations.


By attending this briefing, you will cover the following learning:


- How to identify where your company is currently in its growth journey

- What issues you will encounter and why they become traps

- The difference between normal problems and those you want to avoid

- How you can avoid the traps and maintain growth momentum

- The role of Business coaching and training in achieving your goals


Book a place today! You will go away with the knowledge of avoiding those common pitfalls that businesses fall into and ready to plan your business’ successful future.


Am I eligible?

These webinars are available for businesses, partnerships, sole traders, and registered charities, with a trading address located within Greater Lincolnshire (North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire & Lincolnshire).


To access these sessions, your business must complete an SME enrolment form in order to check the business’s eligibility against the funding criteria. (The form will be sent to you on completion of a booking - if one has not already been completed and on file).


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Event information:


23/01/2019 11:15 - 12:15

Category: People

Organised by:
Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub

07776 194024