Digital Transformation Unlocked - Business Growth In A Connected World

This workshop includes discussions and activities and is perfect for business founders, owners, senior management, sales, marketing and service leaders who realise that the world is changing.

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In this dynamic 2 hour workshop we will remove much of the misinformation around digital transformation and how it is impacting your business. We will share what is working for modern businesses who embrace digital transformation.


Every business is currently undergoing some form of digital transformation, some are at the very start, some midway through and some nearing completion. Do not miss this honest frank look at why this is happening and what your business needs to do to ensure you stay relevant.


For many businesses the speed of change in technology, digital and social media has never seemed so daunting. Traditional marketing, sales and service just isn’t working anymore and companies are beginning to see disruption, with leads and revenue stagnating or even falling.


Digital Transformation is the answer and in this dynamic FREE workshop we will be covering all the key elements to help your business execute a successful transformation:

  • Understand how the business landscape has shifted over the past 2 years.

  • The disruption and challenges that this is presenting to business owners in every sector.

  • Why we are entering the age of "Generation C" and how they hold all the power over your business.

  • How "buyer centric" thinking is pivotal to your business growth over the next 10 years.

  • Identify the 6 stages of digital transformation that every business goes through and where you currently are.

  • What are the next steps needed in your digital transition.


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Enterprise Building, Lincoln Uni, Rope Walk, Linc

16/05/2019 14:00 - 17:00

Category: Digital

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Digital Media Edge