C4G FREE Stand & Deliver - Presentation Skills Workshop

A FREE 2 day workshop funded by Collaboration 4 Growth (C4G) in collaboration with Lincoln BIG, presented by Craig Collinson.

Event Information

Workshop dates:

Day 1 – Wednesday 2nd October

Day 2 – Wednesday 16th October


Here's an overview of what attendees of this training will benefit from:

 - More confidence when providing information at team meetings

 - More confidence in delivering at client presentations

 - More confidence at presenting at networking events

 - Be able to develop material more easily and quickly

 - Be able to craft a clearer message

 - Be seen as an ‘authority’ in your subject area

 - Deliver with power and passion



Theory & Practice Aim: To highlight a range of skills and good practice to enable the development and delivery of effective presentations.


Objectives: By the end of the session you will be able to:

 - State the 3 Stages in giving a presentation

 - Identify how to develop and prepare a presentation ‘from scratch’

 - State some of the keys to practicing a presentation in the right way

 - State the 3 Golden Rules of delivering a presentation

 - Identify good practice in relation to using basic visual aids

 - Identify how to best reflect upon and review a presentation

 - State the range of memory aids and select the most appropriate for you

 - Highlight the difference between an Aim and an Objectives and practice developing them

 - State techniques to assist with the perception of a positive personal impact

 - Identify the range of Learning Styles and become aware of your own

 - Prepare and practice a number of brief presentations and receive feedback.


Please note: At the end of this session you will be asked to prepare and practice a 15-20 minute presentation on a subject of your choice to deliver to the group on Day Two.



Delivery & Feedback Aim: To provide the opportunity to practice your presentation skills in a safe and supportive environment.


Objectives: By the end of the session you will be able to:

 - Deliver a 15-minute presentation to the group

 - Receive constructive feedback from the Trainer and your fellow delegates

 - Analysis the presentations of your fellow delegates and provide constructive feedback to them

 - Present your key learning points of the training and how you are going to use these to positively impact on your future presentations.



 - Use of appropriate Aim and Objectives

 - Use of visual aids

 - Use of memory aids

 - The content of the presentation

 - The style of delivery including body language good practice and any ‘tells’

 - Anything else you notice!


Oh yes and remember to … ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!



8.45am – Arrival and refreshments

10am – Morning Break

12pm – Lunch provided

2pm – Afternoon Break

4.30pm – Workshop Concludes


This is a FREE workshop for all businesses, however priority will be given to those businesses in the eligible Collaboration 4 Growth areas of West Lindsey, City of Lincoln and North Kesteven.


Please click HERE for more information and to book your place today!

Event information:

Commerce House, Carlton Boulevard, Lincoln

02/10/2019 - 16/10/2019 08:45 - 16:30

Category: Workplace

Organised by:
Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce

Contact name:
Laura Gomez Pedrosa