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You have a great idea and an initial business concept, but what do you need to know to launch your business to prosper and be a sustainable business? Or perhaps grow your existing business? This group aims to help you figure this out.

Event Information

Small Business Mondays are a get together in a local for people who run SMEs, or intend to, or work in them and want to know the business skills that they need, and most did not get at School. It is led by an experienced business person but it a group sharing space.


And it is free.


Determine you goals and develop a plan.

 - Can you clearly explain your idea? - Map your Value Proposition

 - Why would customers care about your idea? - Check for Fit

 - What should you change and how? - Improve your idea

 - What's the business model? - Map your Model

 - What does the market look like? - Scan the Environment

 - How to avoid the Valley of Death


Where do I learn how to work on business?


Most people know their passion, and many know how to deliver value in their Small to Medium Size Business. They "get it" but often need help to look beyond "doing" their passion.

Experience shows that quite a few need to know more about how to "work on" their business to really succeed.


Realising Your Dreams

Small Business Mondays are set up to help people learn and share and also network, to really make their businesses prosper. It is hard work but knowing where to look and start is key. The approach will be to take one or two of the topics, have a short introduction and then get some worksheets out to apply to your business. You will also be able to share this with others there, work in pairs or small groups so that you end up with a take home plan and clarity on how to apply this to your own business.

We meet in a hotel or pub so you will be bale to have a drink or even eat while we meet.

All you need to bring is yourself, and a notebook (paper or electronic); and for your own personal reference your business, marking, etc. plans. And lots of questions!


Team Learning

John Henry will coordinate and lead this, in effect as a coach. He lives locally in the Wolds, has run businesses from Horncastle and Lincoln in the past and worked for large companies in the UK and US, starting at the bottom and sometimes as a Director for large companies. He has worked in over 30 countries. But we will all learn from each other.


Securing Your Future

One of the things we will do is link to Business Lincolnshire for support and help on information, grants, reviews and similar. They have helped many companies prosper; this is a first set of steps to help you help yourself.


Event information:

Admiral Rodney Hotel, North St, Horncastle

20/01/2020 19:30 - 21:00

Category: Workplace

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Small Business Mondays

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John Henry Looney

07817 809018