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3CATS Accounts Training

3CATS have taken their courses online during COVID-19 and reached more people than ever.

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Who are 3CATS Accounts Training?

3CATS Accounts Training are a Grantham-based adult learning provider that offer training in bookkeeping and payroll with a twist. Founded by David Nelson in 2014, along with Kym Banks as tutor and administrator, 3CATS serves adults who are looking to learn new skills, with many learners who are unemployed or on low wages. Unlike most providers, 3CATS deliver training using the “workshop style,” where each student is treated as an individual and learns at their own pace, making learning more accessible.


How was business before the outbreak of COVID-19?

Over the past six years, business has grown steadily for 3CATS. Before the pandemic began, the organisation was running five to 10 face-to-face classes a week across South Lincolnshire. In January, they received the go-ahead to launch a new e-learning programme for the Adult Skills and Family Learning Service of Lincolnshire County Council – this turned out to be a gamechanger once the outbreak began!


How has the business adapted during the pandemic?

3CATS have begun to use video conferencing to hold virtual classes for their students. This has not only allowed the business to continue, but also enabled students to stay on track with their learning during this challenging time. 3CATS has also started to offer courses for people who have been furloughed. Within two days of the programme going live they’d received 20 enquiries, and the courses have continued to be popular.


What does the future hold for 3CATS post COVID-19?

David believes that the pandemic has made working and learning from home more acceptable, and 3CATS aims to continue developing their distance learning programme to accommodate this change. He hopes that people who are furloughed or made redundant due to COVID-19 will use their e-learning courses to develop their skills, so they can progress their current career or begin a new one. David and Kym are also adding a new tutor to the team to increase their capacity and predict that business will have doubled by 2021.


What would 3CATS say to other businesses looking to offer alternative services or products?

David says to succeed in a difficult climate like the one we’re currently facing, businesses need to be as innovative as possible.

“You have a responsibility towards your customers,” says David.

“Take a look at the services you offer, identify the problem and how you can adapt in an evolving marketplace.

“If you move quickly and do the best you can, you have nothing to lose. And always take advantage of the skills and expertise of your team!”