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Salted Orange

Salted Orange turned helping their community during COVID-19 into an exciting business opportunity.

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Who are Salted Orange?

Salted Orange are an award-winning catering and event management business based in Lincoln. Created by Sam Owen in 2014, Salted Orange specialise in weddings and corporate events for those who like to “think differently.”


How was business before the outbreak of COVID-19?

Salted Orange were booked to cater 180 weddings in 2020 before the pandemic began, amongst a range of other events. However, COVID-19 means that social gatherings have had to be put on hold, leading to 60 booking cancellations or postponements for Salted Orange. So, Sam began to explore other avenues the business could take during the crisis.


How has the business adapted during the pandemic?

To help elderly and vulnerable people to stay safe from the virus, Sam decided to offer a “food on the go” delivery service to the over-65s. In March, Salted Orange began offering three meals a day for just £20 a week to help their community. The non-profit service includes delivery twice a week, with the home-cooked meals arriving in recyclable containers appropriate for both heating and freezing. The project allows older and vulnerable people to self-isolate successfully, while still having access to fresh, healthy food.


What does the future hold for Salted Orange post COVID-19?

Sam believes the effects of COVID-19 will impact food and drink businesses for the next few years.

He explains: “Social distancing means weddings are going to be smaller, and it will be a while before people feel confident going to large-scale events again.

“I think there will be more of a focus on intimate gatherings, while corporate events and meetings will probably become remote, making catering less of a factor.

“It’s an interesting time, but there are opportunities there for businesses to innovate.”

Now, the meal delivery service that began as a short-term project has become an ongoing endeavour for Salted Orange, who will soon be launching their new brand ‘So Fresh.’ At just £3 a meal, So Fresh aims to make healthy, fresh meals accessible to everyone, with delivery available twice a week.


What would Salted Orange say to other businesses looking to offer alternative services or products?

Sam says in times like these, businesses need to “cast a wider net” to succeed.

“My advice would be to double down on your advertising, not stop it, and try lots of different things.

“And most importantly work and source locally. Keep the pound in Lincolnshire – we’ll be a lot better off in the long run!”