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Lincolnshire, famous for the manufacture of the tank and leading in the production of food and drink, is growing an emerging industry – a digital sector currently worth £779million. 

Recent research has found that nearly 2000 ‘digital’ businesses are based in the county selling a range of digital products and services including telecommunications, digital marketing, software and app development, gaming products and healthcare, education and aerospace technology.

Over 16,000 Lincolnshire residents are employed in a digital role – 7045 within the digital sector. Other digital roles are within businesses not specifically ‘digital businesses’ (e.g. farming, manufacturing and tourism) which shows just how diverse digital roles can be, across all industries. Having a scope for digital jobs in so many industries shows just how important it is to have training and digital upskilling available for the county.

Employment in the digital tech sector is most highly concentrated in the Greater Lincoln area and along the A1 corridor to the south west of Lincolnshire. Interestingly, the area around Doddington Road and Skellingthorpe Road in Lincoln has the highest concentration of digital tech sector employment in Lincolnshire and is fast becoming the place to start and grow a digital business. In this area and in neighbouring North Hykeham there are high levels of employment in the manufacture of electronic components, publishing, computer programming and consultancy, IT and computer services, and telecoms.

With the digital sector being one of the fastest growing sectors in Lincolnshire, we are sure to see a lot of development and evolution of technology businesses and businesses as a whole in the next few years.

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