Spark Fund - Innovation Vouchers and Grants for R&D

What is the grant available for?

Innovation Vouchers Programme
It will help build the innovation capacity of SMEs by supporting proof of market and technical feasibility studies, early stage proof of concept and prototyping work as well as intellectual property protection. The ‘wrap-around’ support will provide a framework for subsequent commercialisation of the innovation supported via the innovation voucher.

Grants for Research and Development
Grants will be awarded to support proof of concept, advanced prototyping and technical developments to take products nearer to market. SMEs will benefit from access to leading academic/technical expertise, specialist research facilities and equipment. Grants will build on work initiated through the linked innovation vouchers scheme.

What grant amounts are available?

Innovation Vouchers – up to £20k
Grants for R&D – up to £50k
Low Carbon Grants for R&D – up to £50k

Contact information:

Pauline Mitchell

01482 462167

Additional information

Closing Date: 31/12/2019

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