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The sector employs approximately 39,000 workers, which accounts for 16% of the jobs in our area when including agri-food manufacturing.  The economic value for the Greater Lincolnshire economy is £1.8 billion per year, with growth taking place across a number of key areas, including engineering, chemicals, metals and polymers.

Confidence in the area's manufacturing industry has been boosted by gas turbine giant Siemens, who have invested millions into a new development at Teal Park, near Lincoln, after finding it the best option UK wide for expansion.

The metals and engineering sector in North Lincolnshire boasts more than 90 businesses and almost 6,000 employees. Greater Grimsby is at the centre of  a major concentration of process industries, which in the wider Humber region employs around 15,000 people in 120 companies. The process industries are incredibly diverse and include petrochemicals; commodity and speciality chemicals; composite materials; pigments and paints; and pharmaceuticals.  In the last ten years, the Humber Chemical Focus has grown into one of the UK's leading regional chemical initiatives, with more than 100 members.  The HCF works with companies and organisations within the region to create and support industry.

While the number of the people employed in this sector has declined over the last 10 years nationally, Greater Lincolnshire has fared better, losing approximately a quarter of its employment compared to a third across Great Britain.  The value of the sector has continued to rise over this time, and is set to do so in the future.

We continue to excel in the manufacturing sector, offering a fresh skills pool to local employers through the first purpose-built School of Engineering for 20 years at the University of Lincoln.

Find out more about local manufacturing businesses in our interactive 'Made In Lincolnshire' booklet:

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