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Agriculture and Horticulture Overview

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Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland’s agricultural and horticultural sectors are remarkably diverse and cover everything from arable farming, to mixed farming and specialist pig, poultry, duck and cattle production. Our county is also known for its intensive fruit and vegetable production, which encompasses the glasshouse and vertical farming sector, ornamental horticulture and floriculture, nursery and forestry nursery stock and fruit and vegetable packing, as well as food processing, food sector supply and food service.

Our county’s food sector employs around 100,000 people, including food retail, and is the largest agricultural sector in the UK. Alone, it accounts for 25% of the vegetable production, 19% of sugar beet production, 18% of duck production and 11% of cereal production.

It also accounts for £3.4 billion in turnover, thanks to the service provision which accompanies this sector. There are seed companies, equipment suppliers and repair businesses, along with packaging, labelling haulage, waste handling, labour providers and a host of other businesses involved.

Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland also host key innovation centres such as the University of Lincoln, Barclays Eagle Lab Farm at Riseholme, and the Food Enterprise Zones at Holbeach and Bracebridge Heath.


How we can help:

Our Agricultural and Horticultural Adviser Paul Ward can help businesses in a range of areas, including:

  • Going Digital

How to get the best internet service in your area and upgrade your website.

  • Automation

Support on how to increase efficiency, ranging from AI, to analysing data, optical sorting and full robotic automation.

  • Guidance on importing and exporting

Discover the latest sector-specific information regarding importing and exporting, following the UK’s exit from the EU.

  • Plant health guidance

Find out more about plant health requirements following the EU exit.

  • Labour

Guidance and support on:

  1. Already registered/settled workers
  2. Frontier visa requirements
  3. Friends and family of settled workers
  • Environment and Sustainability:

Advice on how to measure your carbon footprint and guidance on creating an Integrated Farm Management Plan, as well as soil health and management.

  • EU exit guidance and sector-specific topics:

Advice on changes to the pesticide and MRL regulations, impact on trade with EU and Northern Ireland, and more.


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