Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Supply Chain

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There are many ways that your business could become involved with the wind farm. To help, Triton Knoll has produced a useful brochure, which outlines the kind of areas where the project and its contractors could be looking to engage with local businesses. Download a PDF version of the brochure and see where you might be able to get involved.

Typically, during construction and operation, the project and its contractors expects to place contracts across a range of work packages, including:

  • road-building
  • fencing
  • drilling
  • cabling
  • catering
  • vehicle hire
  • office cleaning
  • printing
  • offshore vessel hire
  • diving services
  • habitat works
  • offshore substation installation

If you’ve spotted an opportunity and wish to express an interest in being part of the Triton Knoll supply chain or would like more information, visit:  

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