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Better Business for All

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What is Better Business for All?

Lincolnshire Better Business for All (BBfA) is a local partnership between businesses, business support and regulators across Lincolnshire to promote local economic prosperity, whilst maintaining public protection. BBfA aims to improve how regulatory services are delivered in Lincolnshire and to show how working with your local regulators can save you time and money, improve your competitiveness and help you to grow your business.

BBfA is part of a national government initiative to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses. It is endorsed by Regulatory Delivery, which is part of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (find out more here).


What are regulatory services and how do they relate to my business?

Regulatory services are those public sector organisations that carry out inspections, visits and investigations to check that businesses are compliant with the law. They also provide advice and guidance to businesses on how to achieve compliance.

Getting it right the first time will help your business to become more successful and grow, as well as protect your customers and your business reputation. A positive relationship between businesses and the services that regulate them is critical if we are going to succeed in reducing both the real and perceived regulatory burdens faced by businesses in the UK.

The Lincolnshire BBfA partnership aims to help all businesses - from start-ups, to SMEs, to local growing businesses - to get to grips with the regulations relevant to them. At Business Lincolnshire, we strongly encourage all businesses to seek advice from local regulators, without fear of enforcement activity, and BBfA can help to make this a reality.

Our aim is to establish good working relationships and to ensure effective co-ordination across regulatory services, increase business awareness of regulatory officers, and to help improve and simplify the way in which regulatory compliance is delivered.


How can BBfA help me?

The underlying principle of BBfA is the simple fact that compliant businesses have clearly demonstrated that they are safer, more professional and capable of delivering products and services to their customers. Similarly, they are safer and more professional and capable of looking after their employees. Through BBfA, we aim to ensure that future customers and employees of businesses are certain in the knowledge that they are well run, safe and compliant businesses.


Who makes up the BBfA?

BBfA is a local partnership between:

  • Business Lincolnshire
  • City of Lincoln Council
  • East Lindsey District Council
  • West Lindsey District Council
  • Boston Borough Council
  • South Holland District Council
  • South Kesteven District Council
  • North Kesteven District Council
  • Lincolnshire County Council Trading Standards
  • Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue

All the BBfA partners want to save businesses time and money, and make it quicker and easier to comply with the law.

Lincolnshire Better Business for All (BBfA) works to make it easier for businesses to access the regulatory support they need from local authorities. There are different regulations and regulatory bodies that you need to deal with, depending on the kind of business you are


BBfA Advice Pack:

Download our Lincolnshire Better Business for All Advice Pack, where you'll find all of your regulatory information on:

  • Licensing
  • Health and Safety
  • Trading Standards
  • Planning and Building Regulations
  • Food Safety
  • Environmental Protection
  • Fire Safety
  • Commercial Waste

The Lincolnshire Better Business for All Advice Pack can help all businesses, including those who are:

  • New start-ups or considering a new business idea
  • Existing businesses
  • Experiencing problems
  • Considering expansion or relocation to new premises or areas
  • Thinking about introducing new products, lines or methods of production