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About the Business

The company, formerly known as Sleaford Trading Co. Limited, is engaged in the importation, processing, and distribution of dehydrated and canned food products. It was incorporated in November of 1968. The registered head office of the company is located in Sleaford, United Kingdom. In 2010, Sleaford Quality Foods was acquired by Jain Group of India. The parent company Jain Irrigation Systems Limited is one of the producers of Dehydrated Onion and leading processor of tropical fruit purees, concentrates and juice concentrates of mango, banana, guava, papaya, pomegranate and tomato. Jains are also the largest Micro Irrigation Company in India and second largest in the world. Jains work very closely with farmers to provide them with the latest agriculture technologies. Total workforce in the group is more than 6,000. The company’s plants are spread around the world. Jain Irrigation is a public limited company listed on Mumbai, India and Luxembourg (Europe) Stock exchange.

Business Information:


Woodbridge Road,
East Road Industrial Estate,
NG34 7JX

01529 305000

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Services and capabilities:

  • Food exporter
  • Food importer
  • Food production
  • Food supplier