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International Expansion of the Recovery Coach Academy

Business Lincolnshire Supports International Expansion of Recovery Coach Academy

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Business Lincolnshire is proud to support the journey of a unique business focused on providing recovery coaching services. This case study delves into how this business, dedicated to supporting individuals and families through recovery, expanded its reach internationally with the assistance of Business Lincolnshire and Peer2Peer Networks.

What Does the Recovery Coach Academy Do?

The Recovery Coach Academy is a family-owned business that provides a community-oriented approach to recovery coaching, emphasising connection, collaboration, and ongoing support. Training Recovery Coaches and providing free access to a community of like-minded individuals are core aspects of its mission. Additionally, the business facilitates recovery coaching implementation in various organisations and communities, both locally and internationally. It also conducts community education initiatives and fosters partnerships to positively promote recovery globally. To date, the business is already being recognised for the fantastic work it does, winning the 2022 Business for Purpose award, and being a finalist in both the 2023 Taking on the World award and the 2023 CPD Provider of the Year award.


The inception of this business stemmed from personal experiences within the family of grappling with substance use disorder and domestic violence. Faced with a lack of recovery coaching support in the UK, Naetha, the Owner/Founder and Director of the Recovery Coach Academy started a mission to fill this gap. Inspired by the transformative impact of recovery coaching experienced first-hand in the USA, the business was born out of a desire to provide similar support to others in need in the UK. Naetha, along with her daughter, Calliese Conner, combine lived experience and their professional experience as Recovery Coach Professionals and Facilitators of accredited training, to create a unique learning environment that is inclusive to all.

Navigating International Waters

gating International WatersLaunched in 2019 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the business found itself adopting an online model for service delivery. As the virtual landscape unfolded, what began as a necessity soon evolved into unforeseen international opportunities. The pivot to online services inadvertently opened doors to global markets, allowing the business to establish connections in over 20 countries. This unexpected journey paved the way for international training sessions and speaking engagements, marking a serendipitous expansion into international markets.

While the business initially aimed to focus on local communities, international expansion brought unforeseen opportunities. Collaborative and receptive international markets provided fertile ground for growth. The willingness to build relationships before pursuing business interests was a refreshing change compared to the challenges faced domestically.


"At The Recovery Academy, we don't just offer services—we foster enduring connections. Our community spans years, with members from our very first course still engaged and thriving. More than just coaches, we're companions and confidants, believing in the power of human connection to uplift and transform lives.

We rise by lifting others, recognising that genuine support is pivotal to recovery. From individuals to businesses, we’re united in our mission to help others heal. By working together, we create a framework of compassion that transcends boundaries, proving that kindness is the ultimate catalyst for recovery.”  Naetha Uren, Director of The Recovery Academy


Support from Business Lincolnshire/Peer2Peer Networks

The fully funded support received from Business Lincolnshire and Peer2Peer Networks played a key role in achieving the business's goals. Peer2Peer Networks facilitated valuable connections and opportunities for growth, including participation in conferences that provided key opportunities. Business Lincolnshire's Growth Hub provided fully funded coaching and financial assistance, enabling the business to navigate challenges and sustain its expansion efforts, and facilitated a key collaboration with The University of Lincoln who will be publishing the findings of its research on Recovery Coaching this year, which has been conducted in collaboration with Naetha and The Recovery Academy.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, the Recovery Coach Academy aims to continue its mission of spreading the gold standard of recovery coaching, with aspirations to engage with local businesses and promote recovery coaching in the workplace. The Recovery Academy has recently translated its curriculum in Arabic and is looking to expand into other languages over the next year. By staying connected with and listening to the needs of its community, the Recovery Academy seeks to enhance and support recovery coaching practices globally.

Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to community wellbeing, the Recovery Coach Academy is poised to continue its journey of transforming lives through positively promoting recovery & recovery coaching.