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Equidiet, Revolutionising Equine Nutrition Since 2014

Celebrating Equidiet's fantastic journey from a visionary concept to a thriving international business.

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Equidiet, founded by Sandra Murphy, is a pioneering company producing the world's first liquid, fibre feed for horses. Recognising colic as a significant threat to horses, Equidiet's products offer a natural, chemical-free solution to reduce dehydration which caters to horses of all breeds and disciplines.


Sandra's journey with Equidiet began with a personal experience when her own horse who suffered severe dehydration during a hunting day with the Blankney. This incident sparked her determination to find a solution, leading to the development of EquidGel®.

Having gained her BSc in Equine Sports Science and starting with limited resources, Sandra's persistence led her to showcase her product at the British Equine Trade Association Congress in 2014. Despite initial challenges, she successfully garnered interest and sales, laying the foundation for Equidiet's growth.

With her background in business administration and previous entrepreneurial ventures, Sandra navigated the early stages of her business with resilience and resourcefulness.

Engagement with Business Lincolnshire

Seeking support to streamline her business operations, Sandra engaged with Business Lincolnshire, who provided invaluable assistance in various aspects, including regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, and establishing essential connections within the industry.

Through Business Lincolnshire, Sandra received guidance on navigating complex procedures and accessing crucial resources, ensuring Equidiet's setup and growth were on solid ground.

From grant funding support to social media training, action plans to diagnostic reports and research, Sandra has made the most of the fully funded support available from Business Lincolnshire within the Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland region.

Expansion into International Markets

From the outset, Sandra envisioned Equidiet as a global product, recognising the universal need for horse nutrition solutions. With support from Business Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce and the Department for Business and Trade, she became an East Midlands Export Champion and started a strategic approach to international expansion. Participating in trade missions and leveraging networking opportunities facilitated by the various supporting organisations, Sandra established distribution networks and supply chains in overseas markets.

The effectiveness of Equidiet's products gained attention from veterinary professionals and institutions worldwide, leading to organic growth through word of mouth. The product is also used in Training Hospitals, where students become familiar with the product and then take this knowledge and demand for it with them when they move into the world of work - a simple and effective way of developing awareness of Equidiet.

Challenges and Future Plans

During her journey, Sandra has faced hurdles as a female business founder and an ethnic minority entrepreneur. However, she remains steadfast in overcoming these challenges and fostering inclusivity in the business world.

Sandra's participation in the fledgling Black Founders Connect network, supported by Barclays Eagle Labs, underscores her commitment to assisting fellow ethnic minority business owners. Additionally, Sandra's recognition with the Black British Business Award in 2020 highlights Equidiet's success and her contributions to the business community.

Looking ahead, Sandra's future plans for Equidiet include continued collaboration with Business Lincolnshire for ongoing support and strategic guidance.

Key initiatives involve internationalising the company's website into seven languages, expanding product offerings beyond equine markets, and refining marketing strategies with specialised expertise.

Advice to Other Businesses

Reflecting on her journey, Sandra emphasises the importance of strategic planning and market research for businesses seeking funding and support. She highlights the accessibility of international markets and encourages entrepreneurs to prioritise their efforts based on demand and suitability. Sandra's advice demonstrates the significance of utilising available resources, staying resilient in the face of challenges, and developing collaboration with industry partners and educational institutions.

"Exploring the global market involves careful planning, extensive research of different markets, and making smart choices." explains Equidiet's Director, Sandra Murphy. "While technology makes things easier and the world smaller, it can be a complex process to sell your product (or service) in other countries. You need to find the right places where people want what you're selling and where it fits well. It's all about being strategic and getting help to figure everything out along the way."

Business Lincolnshire has supported Equidiet's fantastic journey from a visionary concept to a thriving international business. Sandra's entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with strategic advice and guidance from business support providers, exemplifies how collaboration and perseverance can drive success in the competitive landscape of modern business. As Equidiet continues to innovate and expand its reach, its story serves as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to make a meaningful impact on a global scale.