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Success is sweet for Fudged Up

The artisan fudge maker's switch in strategy brought them new customers despite the pandemic.

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What does the business do?

Founded by Phil Bushell in 2016, Fudged Up is an artisan fudge maker based in Grantham. Specialising in premium Belgian chocolate fudge, their products come in a range of delicious flavours with a “decadent and indulgent” taste. As well as the traditional milk, dark and white chocolate options and customer favourite chocolate orange, Phil experiments with new and interesting flavours, from Biscoff to pink gin.


What’s the history?

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, business was going swimmingly for Phil and his small team. Phil primarily sold at food festivals and large-scale events, as well as through pop-up shops and a range of other East Midlands businesses. But, like most UK businesses, coronavirus spelt trouble. To survive during the pandemic, Phil knew they would have to switch their strategy up. 

How has Business Lincolnshire helped?

Phil got in touch after hearing about the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub through the National Centre for Food Manufacturing. Phil’s adviser sat down with him and created a “deep dive” strategy for the business, helping Fudged Up to find areas where they could add value to customers and adapt to changing global circumstances. Phil also took advantage of the funding opportunities available through the business, along with attending fully-funded webinars on everything from copyright to COVID-19 advice and support.

Phil said: “There’s a lot to learn about running a successful business, especially in the beginning or during a crisis. The Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub provided a crucial sounding board, helping us to grasp opportunities we otherwise wouldn’t have known about. 

“Lockdown was challenging because it put a stop to everything, but our adviser helped us to develop as a business even during COVID-19. We’ve found new partners through our work with the Growth Hub, as well as new market opportunities and customers.”


What’s next?

Phil is now expanding Fudged Up into three new areas. Traditionally, Fudged Up sold directly to the customer, but now they’re moving into premium retail, selling through luxury shops. They’re also looking into a new hospitality offering, selling in tea and coffee shops and visitor attractions, where they can offer something different than the usual fare.

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