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Business Lincolnshire Fit for Business Podcasts: Nurturing Wellness in the Workplace

Published on: 08/08/2023

In an ever-evolving professional landscape, fostering employee wellbeing is becoming an increasing priority for many businesses. Our latest series of podcasts, titled Nurturing Wellness in the Workplace, delves deep into the multifaceted realm of workplace wellness, exploring essential topics through insightful conversations.


Hosted by Guy Lewis, co-director at CDI Alliance, this series features Liz Blount from McMillan and Associates HR, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the field of Human Resources and Zoe Nichol, who has worked in Organisational Development for nearly a decade and is a qualified coach too.


Episode1: Wellbeing in the Era of Remote Working


Our first episode examines the dynamic interplay of remote working and wellbeing. Delving into the responsibilities of both individuals and managers/business leaders, the episode dissects the importance of setting day-to-day boundaries, harnessing effective team meetings for connection and learning, integrating movement and exercise into daily routines, and crafting conducive physical workspaces.


Episode 2: Navigating Boundary Setting for Enhanced Wellbeing


Episode two pivots to the intricate art of boundary setting. Anchored by an exploration of boundaries' definition and significance, the episode offers guidance on establishing personal boundaries, aiding others in setting theirs, and addressing situations where boundaries are not respected. Drawing from real-world instances, the hosts illuminate the symbiotic relationship between boundary setting and wellbeing.


Episode 3: Fostering Team Wellbeing: A Collective Responsibility


In the third instalment, the spotlight turns to the collective wellbeing of teams. Delving into the roles of effective leadership, individual contributions, communication, and prevention/intervention strategies, the discussion underscores the shared responsibility of both individuals and managers/business leaders in nurturing team wellbeing. The episode emphasises the significance of psychological safety within the team dynamic.


Episode 4: Embracing Authenticity and Psychological Safety at Work


The final episode of the series embarks on a journey of self-discovery and psychological wellbeing. Unpacking the notion of authenticity and psychological safety, the discussion uncovers the reasons behind concealing important aspects of oneself at work and the transformative impact of embracing authenticity. The episode proffers daily habits for fostering authenticity and delves into strategies for embedding psychological safety in various work environments.


Tune in to our latest Podcast series and enrich your understanding of promoting wellbeing in the workplace. Business Lincolnshire Podcasts are available on Podbean and can be streamed from anywhere, including Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts and Spotify.

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