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Published on: 07/02/2024

Business leaders are being urged to ramp up their defences against cyber threats, as the UK government introduces a draft Code of Practice on cyber security governance. Released on January 23rd, this initiative aims to equip directors and senior leaders with the tools necessary to navigate the complex landscape of cyber risks.

The proposed Code emphasises the importance of cyber security as a critical aspect of business operations, on par with financial and legal considerations. It calls for clear delineation of roles and responsibilities across organisations, ensuring that every member of the team is aware of their role in maintaining cyber resilience.

One of the primary focuses of the Code is the development of detailed incident response and recovery plans. These plans are designed to help companies effectively mitigate the impact of cyber incidents and swiftly recover operations. Regular testing and formal incident reporting mechanisms are recommended to ensure the efficacy of these plans.

Moreover, the Code underscores the importance of equipping employees with the necessary skills and awareness to navigate cyber threats confidently. With the rapid evolution of technology, ensuring that staff members are well-informed and trained is crucial in maintaining a secure operational environment.

To shape the final version of the Code, the government is seeking input from businesses of all sizes and sectors. This collaborative effort aims to tailor the Code to address the unique challenges faced by different industries while fostering a culture of cyber resilience across the board.

In addition to enhancing cyber security, the government is also taking steps to help organisations to mitigate risks associated with business software, further safeguarding operations, supply chains, and stakeholders.

As the survey on the draft Code of Practice is set to close on March 19th, business leaders are encouraged to seize this opportunity to contribute to the development of robust cyber security measures. By prioritising cyber resilience, organisations can effectively navigate the digital landscape, harnessing the benefits of technology while safeguarding against potential threats.

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