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New Business Guidance to Boost Skills and Unlock Benefits of AI

Published on: 05/12/2023

In a strategic move to propel the United Kingdom into the forefront of AI innovation, the government has released draft guidance aimed at assisting businesses in upskilling their workforce to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Published on November 30, the guidance outlines key knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to effectively integrate AI tools, such as Large Language Models, into the workplace.


The primary focus of the guidance revolves around five key areas, encompassing the evaluation of project performance using AI, the development of skills to address challenges arising in AI applications, and the safe and secure management of sensitive data. By equipping employees with a deeper understanding of AI and the necessary tools to navigate its application in various sectors, the guidance aims to drive organisational growth and boost productivity.


Developed in collaboration with the Innovate UK BridgeAI program and The Alan Turing Institute, the guidance emphasises practical applications and continues to evolve through ongoing collaboration with the business community and experts. As the use of AI continues to expand, the guidance serves as a vital tool for employers to ensure their workforce is well-prepared to utilise the technology for mutual benefit. By upskilling workers, businesses not only enhance productivity but also focus on tasks with significant impact, contributing to the country's economic growth.


The guidance introduces a breakdown of four distinct 'personas' corresponding to varying levels of AI expertise: AI Citizens, AI Workers, AI Professionals, and AI Leaders. This categorisation enables individuals and employers to identify skills gaps swiftly, aiding in the development of targeted training schemes.


The government, seeking input from the UK's expert community, encourages stakeholders to provide feedback on the guidance through the Alan Turing Institute until January. The feedback will inform updated guidance, an accompanying skills framework, and sector-specific case studies set to be published by Innovate UK BridgeAI and the Alan Turing Institute in the new year.


Calling all employers, and training providers!


If you’re keen on implementing AI solutions, your feedback will help to ensure that the framework meets your needs and shapes the future of AI skills.


By providing feedback you can also enjoy an early access advantage to be among the first to integrate AI competencies into your business strategies, staying ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Join an influential collaboration community, contributing insights to shape the future of AI skills and benefiting businesses across sectors.


Find out more and provide your feedback here


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