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Introducing the Motion Capture Hub

Learn about how the MoCap Hub could support your business to improve anything from your manufacturing process, product design and workplace safety.

LORIC - New Building. New Possibilities.

Find out how the new Lincolnshire Open Research and Innovation Centre (LORIC) can help your business or organisation grow.

What is Industry 4.0?

Learn what Industry 4.0 it's all about, and the range of benefits it could bring to your business if implemented properly.

Business Savings: How we can help

David Knight - an Environmental Consultant - talks about how implementing an Environment Management System can save your business money!

Saving you money: How we can help

David Knight talks about how you can be more resource efficient and cut out any potential waste, savings increasing your profit margins!

University and SME Collaboration

Learn about the University and SME Collaboration and how they are making digital technology available to businesses in the Greater Lincolnshire area.

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Learn about Industry 4.0, including what barriers need to be overcome before getting started with the advanced technologies.

Lincoln and Midlands Supply Chain

Find out about the supply chains in the Lincolnshire area and how collaboration is the key to building an infrastructure that will continue to grow.