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Business Rate Relief Scheme for Growth Policy

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What is the grant available for?

The purpose of this scheme is to promote genuine business growth, resulting in new jobs (not displaced from elsewhere in the district ) and investment in new or improved commercial floor space. We want to avoid displacement, where existing businesses move to new buildings in order to benefit from business rate relief, but without creating new jobs and leaving vacant premises behind.

West Lindsey needs to position itself to compete effectively with other areas in order to secure business investment and support economic growth and job creation in the district to meet its targets.

It is therefore proposed to launch a time-limited rate relief scheme to incentivise new and expanding firms to locate within two of West Lindsey’s strategic employment sites:

 - Food Enterprise Zone (Hemswell Cliff)

 - Somerby Park (Gainsborough)

Percentage of project cost

The council will have the discretion to award up to 100% relief (capped at 200,000 EUR under De Minimis State Aid Rule) over a period of up to 5 years under this scheme. 

Any eligibility criteria

To be considered for rate relief under this scheme any applicant must either be:

 - A new business starting up

 - A business relocating to the area from outside of West Lindsey district

 - An existing business with genuine growth proposals

Any required delivery targets / outcome required

To be eligible for the Business Rate Relief Scheme for Growth, proposals must lead to:

 - The creation of new jobs outputs

 - The creation and/or occupation of new or improved floor space     

What grant amounts are available?

Anywhere up to 200,000 EUR under De Minimis State Aid Rule.

Who provides the grant?

The grant is provided by the West Lindsey District Council.

How to apply for the grant?

Please click HERE for more information and to download an Enquiry form TODAY!

Contact information:

West Lindsey District Council

Growth Team


West Lindsey District Council, Guildhall, Marshall's Yard, Gainsborough, DN21 2NA

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