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Flood Innovation Centre

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What is the Business Support?

Offering businesses a unique combination of world-class applied research expertise including Flood Prevention, Mitigation and Control, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Materials Design and Testing, Rapid Prototyping, Statistical Planning & Forecasting, VR Simulation, Process Engineering & Design and Supply Chain Logistics.


FIC can support eligible SMEs in Transition category of region areas.

ERDF eligibility and State Aid assessment will apply.

What could it do for your company?

FIC will support SMEs to innovate flood resilience solutions. Support will include offering participating businesses a suite of innovation delivery products and services including Proof of Concept (products/engineering processes), Demonstrator Design & Build (products/processes), Digital Platform Building (software/VR/statistical modelling), Diagnostics & Testing (materials/products/processes), Technical Workshops, and Business & Supply Chain Modelling (for new value creation).

FIC will also offer the opportunity to develop new products/processes/services, grow your business, provide new market opportunities as well as create jobs.

Who runs it?

Delivered by University of Hull and part funded by ERDF.

What is the incentive/subsidy on offer?

FLIC will provide participating SMEs with access to specialist academic expertise and/or consultancy to enable them to develop and test new solutions.

How much is the incentive/subsidy?

Maximum value of the innovation support is £20,000.

Capital, revenue or both?


How to find out more

Visit or contact Pip Betts by email, or by phone, 07870 484594.

Contact information:

Flood Innovation Centre (FIC)

Pip Betts


University of Hull, 69 Salmon Grove, Hull, HU6 7RX

07870 484594

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