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Invest to Grow Programme

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What is the grant available for?

The Invest to Grow programme is designed to support private sector businesses with Grant or Loan funding to innovate, grow and create jobs.

The programme is aimed at growth sectors such as Transport Equipment Manufacturing, Medicine/Bio-science, Construction, Food & Drink Manufacturing, Logistics, Low Carbon and creative industries.

Capital or Revenue or Both?


Percentage of project cost

Provides up to 30% of project costs in the form of a Grant, Loan or combination of the two. The business has to find at least 70% of the project cost.

Any eligibility criteria

Companies based in the East Midlands who want to grow and create sustainable jobs (that last 3 years).

Grant, Loan or combination of the two - according to the needs of the business. Applications where the loan amount requested is greater than the grant amount will stand a greater chance of being successful.

Projects which are business-to-consumer (B2C), retail or agriculture focused cannot be supported.

Any required delivery targets / outcome required

Sustainable jobs (that last 3 years).

What grant amounts are available?

Minimum award size is £15k, so the minimum project cost is likely to be £50k. Maximum award size is £250k although higher awards can be considered for projects which offer exceptional value for money.

Who provides the grant?

The University of Derby provides this support programme through the Regional Growth Fund (RGF).

How to apply for the grant?

To apply for the grant:

Call: 01332 597907

Visit the website 


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