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What is the grant available for?

Added 01/11/23

Lloyds Bank work in partnership with charities and communities that understand the needs and aspirations of people and can make a lasting difference to their lives. They provide flexible, unrestricted funding and additional support to develop to help charities grow stronger and thrive beyond the lifetime of their grant.

Their focus is where the combination of funding and additional support can make the greatest impact on those Lloyds partner with. Their programmes aim to give charities the stability and freedom to use the funding as they best see fit.

Lloyds have three unrestricted funding programmes and one which is focussed on collaborations seeking to influence locally and regionally. The three unrestricted funding programmes are:

  • for small specialist charities supporting people facing complex issues
  • for small charities working with and led by people experiencing inequity because of their race or ethnicity
  • for d/Deaf and Disabled people's organisations.

Lloyds Bank support small charities with an annual income between £25,000 to £500,000 where the main focus of your charity is to provide support for one of the priority themes that can be found here.

Find out more about what to expect and what this means for your charity during application and throughout the lifetime of your grant.

Any eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for a grant from us, your charity needs to meet all the criteria below. 

  • Be registered as a charity or as a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) with the Charity Commission. We will ask for your charity registration number at the start of your application.  
  • Have at least one set of annual accounts showing as ‘received’ on the Charity Commission website, covering a twelve-month operating period. 

  • Have an annual income of between £25,000 and £500,000 in your last accounts published on the Charity Commission website. This is total income and, in the case of consolidated accounts, should cover all entities within those accounts. 

  • Have a bank account in the name of the charity with unrelated signatories. If the application is successful, the grant must be paid into this account. 

  • Have a Board of at least three trustees in place who are not related to other Board members and have their names appearing on your Charity Commission records. 

  • The majority of people in positions of power (including trustees, the CEO and senior managers) must not be related nor live at the same address. Where there are related parties, we will consider the relationship, conflicts of interest and loyalty, the balance of power of the related trustees, and how this is managed. 
  • Not make any payments to trustees, except for out-of-pocket expenses. 

  • Have a track record of delivering services, for at least one year, to people aged 18 and over. You must also currently be delivering these services. If your charity has recently merged, then this must apply to at least one charity pre-merger. 

  • Have a safeguarding policy in place. We will explore what safeguarding means to your organisation, how it fits with your mission and values and your approach to safeguarding across your organisation. 

  • Hold Public Liability Insurance. 

  • Be an independent organisation. We will look at any formal associations you have with other organisations, parent bodies, or group structures. We will check that the board of the applicant charity has full control over its work and any conflicts of interest. 
  • If you have a live grant with Lloyds Bank Foundation, it must end before 25 January 2025. 

  • Operate mainly in England and/or Wales. Most of your charity’s time and money is spent on activities in England and/or Wales and helping people living in England and/or Wales. 

  • Not include religious activity as a part of the services delivered unless the charity has been established to support people specifically of that faith. 

What grant amounts are available?


Who provides the grant?

Lloyds Bank Foundation

How to apply for the grant?

To find out more and to apply please click here.

Contact information:

Lloyds Bank

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