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Scale Up Support for Rapid Business Growth

What is the Business Support?

Our Scale Up Account Manager will contact you to identify the most appropriate support, so the programme will be tailored to your specific growth stage and business needs. She will be there to provide support throughout your growth journey.
The support consists of a mix of one to one guidance, leadership and management programmes, Strategies for Rapid Growth, Managing the Media, coaching and peer to peer mentoring support as well as pathways through to National offers.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend four 2-hour virtual sessions of professional management and leadership training supported by a coaching intervention to help them implement their ideas and strategies for growth.

Who is the programme for?

Existing Scale-Up Businesses:

  • Minimum of 10 employees at the start of the engagement.
  • Achieved minimum £500k turnover in last year (operating for at least 3 years).
  • Potential/aspiration to grow turnover and/or profit by a minimum of 20% (per annum) over a 3 year period

Potential Scale-Up Businesses:

  • Minimum of 5 employees at the start of the engagement
  • Achieved minimum £250k turnover in last year
  • Potential/aspiration to grow turnover and/or profit by a minimum of 50% over a 3 year period

Coaching Support

To support the training, delegates will be sent a coaching and mentoring ‘Discovery Questionnaire’. This comprises a series of questions about the delegates business, themselves and the business challenges they face. It also contains information about the coaching process, what they can expect from their coach and what the coach will expect from them as a coachee. Each delegate will receive an average of 4 hours of coaching support.


This support is tailored for businesses who are on a rapid growth trajectory that have at least 5 employees. Contact the Admin Team for further information.

You will need access to a laptop or desktop computer with sound and video capability as well as a broadband internet connection.

What could it do for your company?

The support will help your business to identify and exploit opportunities to grow/ ensure you are upto date with the latest leadership and management thinking/ help to find new markets/ learn how to utilise the media and identify and access growth finance.

Who runs it?

This support programme is part of the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub offer.

How to find out more?

Please contact for further information.

Contact information:

Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub