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SME Carbon Footprint Calculator

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Why does the Carbon Footprint of every business matter?

SMEs are the heart of the UK economy and make up 99.9% of all businesses. As a whole they have a huge economic and environmental impact, and individually each of their actions could play a significant part in reducing our resources. By understanding the carbon footprint of every micro sector in the UK, we believe you are better placed to take action. That’s why Zellar have gathered detailed insights into the carbon footprint of 64 micro sectors and created a carbon footprint calculator to benchmark your business’s carbon emissions.

Measure your business carbon footprint?

If you want to start making a change, you first need to work out what needs changing. That all starts with your carbon footprint.

Your carbon footprint is the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions your business produces. These could come from any number of sources, direct and indirect, from manufacturing to commuting to suppliers, making it hard to measure!

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