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  • Unlocking Global Markets: Essential Guide to Engaging International Audiences and Maximising Impact

    Published on 22/05/2024

    Selling your service or product to an international audience almost always creates additional challenges; many brands fall into the trap of trying to recreate what has worked in their native countries, often getting it wrong. Navigating the global marketplace can feel like charting unknown waters, but with the right approach, it becomes an exhilarating journey towards expanding your business reach.

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  • The UK Net Zero Business Census

    Published on 20/05/2024

    The UK Net Zero Business Census is more than just a survey; it's a call to action for businesses across the country to join forces in the fight against climate change. Led by the UK Business Climate Hub alongside Planet Mark and a coalition of business associations, this initiative aims to create a definitive roadmap for our journey towards net zero emissions.

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  • Pyramid Motorcycles Digital Transformation Story with Made Smart East Midlands

    Published on 14/05/2024

    As a specialist designer of after-market motorcycle parts, Pyramid Motorcycles needed to find innovative new ways to speed up their design through to production process, getting good quality parts to market as quick as possible.

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  • Unlocking Global Markets: Essential Guide to Localisation and its Impact

    Published on 13/05/2024

    Localisation isn’t just about getting your language, layout and graphics right though, it can also protect you from sticky situations. Without truly understanding the culture of the people who speak the language, it can be easy to unintentionally offend people. Or worse, fall foul of local laws or regulations, meaning any investment has been for nothing.

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