Lincolnshire Technology Hub is offering to create a “digital twin” for businesses during COVID-19

Published on: 23/06/2020

Lincolnshire Technology Hubs, in partnership with Business Lincolnshire, are offering businesses the chance to have their own “digital twin” crafted during COVID-19. Suitable for everything from venues to offices to showrooms, these immersive 3D copies make businesses more accessible – not just during COVID-19, but also beyond.

Based at the University of Lincoln’s DesignBlok Hub, the team use technology to scan and create interactive 3D models of a required space. This allows exciting experiences such as 3D walkthroughs and guided tours, with viewers able to see and interact with a space from all angles. 

Prior to COVID-19, the technology was mainly used by industries such as heritage, architecture, construction and conservation to digitally preserve or document an historic location, or to minimise the need for site visits. However, these digital copies are also useful for reaching audiences who struggle to interact with these spaces, such as the elderly or those with a disability.

Now, this technology’s ability to make the inaccessible accessible is one way businesses can overcome the difficulties caused by social distancing, particularly in spaces where the two-metre rule is impossible to enforce. Having a digital copy to share with audiences is also a novel way for businesses to promote their space, with the option of adding key points of interest or hidden stories for visitors to find while traversing the virtual model.

The digital copies can even help businesses to get back on their feet after lockdown, with the virtual models making on-site training a possibility for staff - without the need to visit your premises.

Michael Poole, Business Development Manager for the University of Lincoln’s College of Arts, says:

“These 3D models are a great way for companies, organisations, museums and attractions to share what they have to offer while maintaining social distancing measures. Audiences can virtually visit these 4K quality replicas via phone, laptop or VR, whether they’re planning future trips to the physical space or just want to enjoy the spectacle as is.

“It also has many exciting yet practical possibilities for business during this uncertain time - from architects viewing buildings remotely, to workman measuring and navigating their way around possible workspaces.

“Plus, these models are simple to create with a quick turnaround time – we can sometimes have them ready as soon as the next day. There are certainly many opportunities for businesses to use this technology to enhance their customer experience in the current climate and beyond.”

If you’re interested in turning your business into an immersive 3D model, email For information on Lincolnshire Technology Hubs, visit the Business Lincolnshire website.


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