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Addiction Help for Employees

Find addiction treatment for your employees. We outline different treatment options, including residential and outpatient addiction treatment.

Brexit -

Use the Brexit checker to get a personalised list of actions for you, your business and your family.

IP Made Easy

This 12-part video series from the Intellectual Property Office breaks down the meaning of "intellectual property" and why it matters to your business

Disability at Work

Advice on supporting and treating disabled people fairly at work. For employers, managers and disabled employees, workers and job applicants.

Exporting Guidance Support Team

If you’re a UK business selling goods or services to Europe, you can contact the UK government export support team by phone or online.

BREXIT Checker Tool

Use this handy checklist/tool on to ensure you've thought of everything and you are compliant with legal requirements, Post EU exit.

Intellectual Property training

The tools are designed for businesses, business advisors, students & lecturers, although they will helpful for anyone learning how to manage or use IP

Managing business debt

A guide for small businesses to be able to better manage their business debt.