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#GoDigital20 - How Lincolnshire businesses are embracing digital technology to grow

A panel of local Lincolnshire business experts discusses how they are embracing digital technology in order to help grow their business.

#GoDigital20 - Eagle Lab Farms: Demystifying technology from field to fork

Lisa Bagley, Ecosystem Manager at Barclays Eagle Labs delivers a talk about new and emerging technologies in the agricultural industry.

#GoDigital20 - Bringing Tech and Tradition Together

Sean Sankey, Director at Much Clearer Ltd delivers a talk about bringing technology together with tradition.

#GoDigital20 - Opening Address

Cllr Colin Davie gives the opening address for #GoDigital20.

Bitesize Lincs - Futureproof your Hospitality Business: Re-think, Re-visit, Re-invest

Join us to discuss the significance of having a well-defined business model focusing on your customer value proposition in a post Covid-19 world.

Bitesize Lincs - Boston's Pride of Place, Mayflower 2020

This webinar highlights how the Town Deal Platform has created a concept of a multi-functional learning, business and leisure environment.

Bitesize Lincs - Harnessing E Commerce to Sell Overseas

This webinar will walk you through the opportunities, considerations and techniques for harnessing global e-commerce success.

Bitesize Lincs - The Future of Green Construction in Greater Lincolnshire

Explore how construction companies sustainably meet the future needs for Lincolnshire and support efforts in achieving net zero carbon.