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Spring into Success with our Top Tips to maximise on Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland’s Visitor Economy.

Published on: 28/03/2024

As the Easter holiday approaches, businesses in Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland's vibrant visitor economy should prepare to welcome a surge in tourism and economic activity. From independent gift shops and cafes to family-friendly attractions, spanning from busy city centres to scenic countryside retreats, the holiday period presents a golden opportunity for businesses to showcase their offerings and capitalise on increased foot traffic.  

Here's how visitor economy businesses in Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland can make the most of the Easter holidays:  

1. Easter-themed Promotions and Packages

Entice visitors with special Easter-themed promotions and packages tailored to their interests. Whether it's a discounted family ticket to a local attraction, a themed afternoon tea experience, or a spring getaway package, offering enticing deals can attract more customers and boost revenue during the holiday period.  

If you are a business in the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality sectors, looking to grow your business this quarter and beyond, sign up to our fully funded Your Business Boost Programme, which can support you with growing your businesses, develop your marketing and sales strategies to maximise on tourism and more.

2. Enhance the Customer Experience

Create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on visitors. Decorate your business with Easter-themed accessories, host seasonal events such as egg decorating workshops or guided Easter walks and ensure that your staff are trained to deliver exceptional customer service. By going the extra mile to delight customers, you can develop loyalty and encourage repeat visits.

Our blog, 5 ways to make your business stand out from the crowd may help you to maximise on seasonal opportunities.

3. Collaborate with Local Partners

Create partnerships with other local businesses and attractions to create cooperative offerings that appeal to a wider audience. Cross-promote each other's services, organise joint events or promotions, and use each other's networks to reach new customers. By working together, businesses can amplify their marketing efforts and create a more cohesive visitor experience. 

To find local businesses and suppliers close to you, take a look at our comprehensive Local Business and Supplier Directory.

4. Embrace Digital Marketing

Utilise digital marketing to reach potential visitors and drive bookings. Social media platforms can be used to showcase Easter promotions, share engaging content related to local attractions and events, and interact with your audience in real-time. If you have the budget, you can also look to invest in targeted social media and online advertising campaigns, like Google Ads, to reach specific demographic groups and maximise visibility during the potentially busy periods.  

If you are a social media novice, our Tapping into social media audiences- top tips on how to begin to build your social media presence may help. 

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As the Easter holidays begin, businesses in the visitor economy of Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland have a brilliant opportunity to capitalise on increased tourism and drive business growth. By implementing strategic promotions, enhancing the customer experience, collaborating with local partners, and embracing digital marketing, businesses can attract more visitors, increase revenue, and create unforgettable experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Let's make this Easter holiday a resounding success for all!  

If your business could benefit from fully funded support from Business Lincolnshire to reap the benefits of our regions tourism economy, visit our Visitor Economy pages to find out more about what support we can offer  




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