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20. Complying with the law - Part 4

If you run a business, you’ll need to know about VAT rates and registration thresholds.

19. Complying with the law - Part 3

Depending on your business, you may need a license to operate legally.

18. Complying with the law - Part 2

If you decide to go down the road of being self-employed, there are some important bits of information you need to know before doing so.

17. Complying with the law – Part 1

Starting a business isn’t simply a case of starting to sell/trade the next day. You need to make sure your new business is complying with the law.

16. Succession planning

All too often succession planning is something that is not talked about, even a taboo at times.

15. Business continuity

A Business Continuity Plan (BCM) is putting procedures in place that minimize the disruption to your business when things go wrong.

14. Doing business online

Taking your business online can help you reach a vast amount of people very quickly.

13. Managing your finances: Balance sheets

A balance sheet is vital in monitoring your businesses financial standing which can highlight issues within your business.